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Wednesday, July 18

First Published Work!

     Today is a very special day, and not even because I did not have to spend my entire day life guarding at the pool. I had a piece of my creative writing published for the first time, and it has already garnered more "reads" than I would have expected it to receive in two months. My favorite books and movies are Harry Potter, so I think it is fitting that my first published writing is on the Fan fiction part of Mugglenet (the unofficial Harry Potter website). Here is the link to my story: There are 9750 stories published on the site, and on of them is mine! I hope to write some more chapters soon, so let me know what you think of the first chapter.

Thursday, April 19

First Post!

       I am in my first year of college and majoring in Elementary Education. I am an aspiring Young Adult (YA) fiction novelist. My current novel is about half way finished, but I won't disclose anything about it just yet. Since I've been writing all my life (I have several stories that I wrote in kindergarten), it is my goal to get published. And I won't give up on that goal. 
       I want to begin to make a name for myself as an author. Whenever I see something interesting as I'm walking to class I will post about it, hence the name "Strolling with Kate." Attending classes on an entirely outdoor campus with 50,000 people, I've definitely seen some interesting things.
       I would love to learn about my readers so please leave comments about yourself.